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Loren Allardyce
Allardyce Creative Logo


Loren Allardyce’s history started in the restaurant business. Working through many positions in a large restaurant group landed on the company’s Brand and Marketing Director position. This role entailed many tasks, but the most thrilling was learning graphic design. What started as learning to manage menu updates in InDesign led to a robust career in creative content, brand and logo development, and overall brand protection and awareness. With over ten years of experience in creative content and social media management, graphic design, and project management, the experiences included managing website development, large signage projects, new restaurant projects including digital onboarding, exterior signage, interior signage, a large 250+ page cookbook project, and more.

There was a desire to do more and a business was built. What started out as a side hustle overseeing two small businesses' social media and providing creative content turned into a full-blown business leading individuals and businesses in their brand identity, online presence, and overall marketing efforts. 

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